scuba diving in germany

In Germany, also you can get your certification by attending any of the Antilles courses in collaboration with the different clubs in the area. ..

our services


In Germany, we continue to offer our services through different clubs of diving in the South region and participate in all kinds of activities related to the promotion of this sport.

We offer a wide range of courses, from Open Water to Divemaster, being one of our speciality Scuba Diving Dry Suit.

Courses begin in confined water or swimming pool, with its corresponding theory classes to finish the practice in Open Water in one of the next few lakes, such as lake Constanza, or if you prefer, and looking for something warmer, in the Mediterranean sea at our associate center Tortuga Diving in Italy.

In addition to courses, we continuously perform diving trips to Cuba, and in Europe, Spain and Italy. Visit our news and promotions and keep abreast of these activities.....

 If you are interested in make any course or that you organize a few days in Italy or Spain for a dive, so do not hesitate, and contact us. We will seek according to your interests, the most funny option to spend some good time in the sea.

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