The Snorkel allows us to have direct contact with marine environment and just need to know how to swim. The favorite for those looking to spend some time with family and surprise the children.




coral beach 

 From a person

Price: 20 cuc

From 3 persons: 15 cuc

Duration: 1 hour


• Instructor for each 4 people

• equipment

Not included:

• transfers



snorkeling coral beach +  saturn cave

Price based on two people

Price: 40 cuc

Accompanist: 25 cuc

Duration: 8:30 - 13:00


• Pick up from the hotel at the indicated time

• Snorkeling on Coral Beach and Saturno Cave.

• Return to accommodation

• Included transportation, equipment, ticket for Saturno CaveI and instructor




bay of pigs

Price based on two people

Price: 50 cuc

Accompanist: 35 cuc

Duration: 8:30 - 18:00


• Pick up at 8:30 in the indicated hotel and travel to Bahia Cochinos (travel time 2 hours)

• Snorkeling on the Cueva de los Peces and Punta Perdiz

• At 16:00 return to Varadero

• Included transportation, equipment, and instructor

what do we need 

This aquatic activity is from the surface of the water and need a lightweight team of fins, mask and snorkel tube. In addition, you can supplement with a life jacket, besides ensuring security, helps maintain buoyancy.

las antillas cuba diving club

The Mask  is a fundamental element. It protects the eyes, not being in direct contact with the water and allows adequate visibility. Today, these masks can be used interchangeably for Snorkeling or Diving

las antillas cuba diving club

With the Fins we achieve is an effective way to move from a slight thrash, reducing the effort to propel and increasing speed. Recommended suitable fins for snorkeling

las antillas cuba diving club

Snorkel tube has a unique function: allow breathing while moving across the surface. This provided with a mouthpiece to fit the mouth, recommended silicone and may also incorporate valves to avoid water ingress.